Easter Scheme 


In April 2011, Alsalam foundation launched ‘Young Unity’, a scheme aimed to encourage interconnection between youth amongst the community, by engaging them in entertaining outdoor activities whilst expanding their knowledge on Islam.

The Structure

The experience lasted for three days and consisted of a variety of recreation; from the wild to the more calm ones. The youth took part in indoor and outdoor sports like hiking at one of London’s natural reserves as well as football, trampoline and table tennis. Furthermore, amusing trips were organised like going to a theme park, boat riding, and paintballing. Part of the plan was also to educate the children on the quranic sciences, jurisprudence and test them in the form of quizzes in addition to talking about contemporary Islamic issues.

Personal and Social development

The key principle of this idea was to extend the child’s character within the public as we live in a cosmopolitan society. Ultimate topics that were concentrated on were managing how to adapt in new places as well as dilemmas affected from school and home and dealing with emotions. This was reinforced in many of the pursuits that were organised such as discussions on common youth problems.

What was achieved?

Not only did the youth have an amazing time together but also gained much skills for the personal development such as confidence, social skills and team working.

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