Job Title:

Research Interns (x3)




Voluntary. Reasonable expenses reimbursed (part-time).

Job Details:

The Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies (CISS) is a non-profit research centre founded in 2007, which specialises in the study of intellectual traditions and scholarly outputs articulated by persons or entities committed to the Shi’a Islamic faith, and/or persons or groups concerned with Shi’a Islamic milieus of past and present. We also aim to offer an informed and scholarly perspective on traditional and contemporary issues that affect Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

We are currently recruiting 3 part-time interns for our current research programme, which aims to produce comprehensive research and recommend efficient and effective policies for lawmakers. Our research will focus on compiling a detailed history of Shi’a Islam, including biographies on traditional and contemporary Shi’i scholars – looking at their history, experiences and contributions, alongside a historical study of the Akhbari and Usuli split in Shi‘ism. Our research will also explore contemporary issues facing Muslims, both in the Middle East and the West, including Islamophobia, sectarianism, demographics and human rights.

CISS is looking for candidates with enthusiasm, flexibility, an inquisitive mind and the ability to apply high standards of judgment.  They will need to work efficiently, effectively and accurately – a keen eye for detail is essential. Teamwork is a key feature so candidates will need to have a collaborative mentality and at the same time be able to focus on their own individual tasks. Previous research experience is highly preferred.  Candidates must have excellent writing skills, including being able to write concisely to an academic standard.

Whilst there is flexibility regarding the numbers of days per week, interns should be prepared to commit to a period of 3-6 months. As we share our building with a school, successful applicants will be required to pass a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Interview/Start Dates:

All applications will be reviewed upon receipt and interviews may be conducted before the closing date. Final interviews will be conducted in the week commencing 23 October 2017.

Closing Date: 

23 October 2017

Application Details:

Applicants interested in applying for a role should send a CV and covering letter to specifying why they are suitable.