22nd March 2016

Alridha Foundation is shocked and appalled by the terrorist attacks that occurred in Brussels this morning resulting in the death and injury of many innocent people. Such actions are criminal acts, which go against all principles of faith. Our deepest condolences are with the family and friends of the victims, and our European neighbours.

There is no justification for such crimes, and those who commit acts of violence cannot do so in the name of any faith. Actions such as these go against the basic values and tenets of all beliefs and religions let alone the beliefs of Islam. They completely contradict the Islamic messages of mercy, compassion, peace and coexistence.

The attacks on Brussels today are the latest tragedy following the recent attacks in Turkey and constant attacks in Iraq and Syria. We are appalled by all the violence committed, and angered by those who commit such abhorrent acts in the name of religion. The perpetrators do not represent us; their views are perverse and self-serving.

We urge all communities in Britain, and throughout Europe, to stand firm with compassion and solidarity; to not let such acts divide us, otherwise the terrorists will achieve their aims. Their aim is to divide our societies in order to weaken us and we must not let them achieve that.

Such extremist ideas and actions cannot be combatted through military means only and require a response in thoughts and ideas. It is vital for us to remain united and stand in solidarity with one another in order to give these extremists a response that we will not be intimidated by such abhorrent acts. That we remain united and resilient, in working together to tackle this ideology of hate and its root causes.

Again, during these extremely difficult times, we would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and solidarity to our European neighbours.


Alridha Foundation

London, UK


foundation statement on brussels attack