International Engagement

Alridha Foundation regularly participates in international conferences and meetings throughout the year, advocating for human rights in all corners of the world. We always emphasise the growing need of peaceful coexistence, religious and racial tolerance. The Foundation has a Consultative Status with the Economical and Social Council of the United Nations and sends delegations to important conferences at headquarters in New York and Geneva throughout the year.


Alridha Foundation has its headquarters in London, and opeartes in the US and Iraq as a recognised NGO. The foundation regularly participates and organises conferences and meetings at the UN office in New York and Geneva. In addition to this advocacy work on human rights abuses against the Shi’a and others are pursued in Washington D.C., USA and London, UK.

North America

Following on from the foundations visits, the formal opening of an office in Washington D.C. was undertaken, providing for a base to maintain relations with international bodies, NGOs and other institutions.