Alridha School


Alridha School is a supplementary school that has been set up for children to learn and extend their knowledge on their identity and culture. The school welcomes students from different backgrounds and ethnicity. The first school was established in 2002, where the number of students was only 27. This number started increasing due to the demand amongst the community and lack of Saturday classes for children. As the years went on more students registered and currently the schools accommodate for over 300 children.

The classes start from reception, going all the way to year seven and are for both boys and girls. They are separated into classes according to their language ability and gender. The aims of the school are to motivate and assist students to progress academically as well as encourage them to strengthen their spirituality. It also encourages students to study and learn through the different methods set by the school. The school provides the students with opportunities to take part in a variety of self-development activities such as one-to- one private tutoring, open discussions held by professional mentors and inspirational speakers. Every school year comprises of a sports day, outings and end of year fair.

The Curriculum meets our objective by a comprehensive study of Fiqh and the Arabic Language, thus creating the foundations to build a stable community identity. The main fields of study are Arabic Language, Aqaed, Fiqh, History, Narrations, Quran and Ethics. What differentiates Alridha Schools from many other similar supplementary schools is its use of the English language from year 3 onwards to teach children customs and traditions in a language they are familiar with. English is the language the children use in their daily life at school, thus studying in English rather than Arabic enables them to better express themselves and communicate.

If you are interested in registering your child at Alridha School, please fill in the following form (Registration form Alridha School English) (Registration form Arabic) or if you would like to re-register your child for the upcoming year please fill in this form (Student Reregistration Form Alridha) and send the forms to or by post to Alridha Foundation, 15 Grand Parade, Forty Avenue, London, HA9 9JS. The 2023/2024 academic year starts on 23 September 2023.

The Foundation’s education programs include:

  • Alridha Schools supplementary school
  • Hawza studies
  • Tuition booster classes
  • Adult language classes


Find out more about us and what we do through this short video: 


NCRSE Quality Mark Report

We are pleased to announce that Al Ridha Schools achieved the Advanced level of all eight standards assessed by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education! You can view a copy of the NCRSE Quality Mark Report here.


Alridha school is a family where everyone pushes you to be your greatest no matter your age. The classes have a small number of students in them. This means that the teacher can put more attention on each child and help them. There are also many activities that children can take part in, such as assemblies, plays, celebrations, competitions, etc. Alridha school is not just a school. It’s a family.



Alridha School provides a friendly teaching environment where the relationships between students and teachers alike make you feel comfortable and at home.



Alridha School consists of supportive teachers and kind students that provide the perfect learning environment for any student.



I have been attending Alridha school every year since its establishment and never have I been more proud, not only is it a school it is a home, it is a haven, a place of love and compassion.